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Registration Terms

This is a private forum for DYNA Youth Ambassadors. All members must have followed the registration process on our web site.


DYNA, Inc. strives to bring about awareness of dysautonomia conditions and to provide support and outreach for youth diagnosed with the various forms of dysautonomia. This forum is intended to be a safe, friendly, and emotionally healthy environment.


The purpose of this forum is not to enable your illness - but to enable your recovery!


DYNA, Inc. will not tolerate the transmission of any medically controversial, defamatory, obscene, offensive, racist, sexual, violent, illegal, or soliciting material within our organization. Members may not sell things, promote their private causes or solicit our membership for ANY reason.


DYNA, Inc. reserves the right to moderate, censor or delete any postings of questionable content on our forums without notification.


Use of these forums is a PRIVILEGE not a right.


DYNA, Inc. reserves the right to allow or disallow any individual the use of these forums. Any member found to be breaking the guidelines is subject to the consequences of his/her actions, and will face suspension or ejection from the organization without debate.


These forums are intended to be a positively oriented, support based communications network. While the occasional expression of complaints or grievances in regard to particular situations is understandable, DYNA prohibits users from posting negative comments about particular physicians, other non-profits, educators, etc. (keep your negative opinions about specific professionals private please).


Respect for other DYNA members, forum moderators, and the organization is required.


Members of this forum should not give medical advice to one another. Please keep in mind that treatments that help one patient may be detrimental to another.


Specifically, DYNA, Inc. does not endorse any opinion, fact, research or other information posted on this forum and assumes no liability or responsibility for its accuracy or efficacy. DYNA, Inc. will not be liable for any direct, indirect, consequential, special, exemplary or other damages arising from the use of this forum. It is the responsibility of each individual to consult with their own physician for ALL medical advice.


When you sign into our forums, you certify that you are the individual that you represent yourself to be. You must respect the privacy of all DYNA members and the organization (do not allow anyone else to sign in as you and do not print posts from this forum for others).


If you agree with these Guidelines and wish to proceed with registration, simply click the "I Agree" button below.

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