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Honor Code & Pledge:


The purpose of DYNA is to facilitate change: change in improving the lives of our DYNA members and their families; change in the community-at-large, to foster awareness and a better understanding of dysautonomia conditions; and change in the future, to encourage compassionate care, efficient diagnosis, and reliable treatment of childhood Dysautonomia.


DYNA Youth Ambassadors do not let their health issues consume their lives and they are not victims.


They believe in becoming better not bitter through their experiences. DYNA Youth Ambassadors:


• Support other youth via our private Internet Forum.

• Turn a time of crisis into a time of growth, strength, and meaning.

• Have a positive attitude in spite of medical obstacles.

• Discover the healing power of helping others.

• Improve their understanding of the issues that relate to improved health and well-being.

• Represent childhood dysautonomia conditions in an unselfish, dignified, responsible, respectful manner.

• Promote positive awareness, education, care and support for the DYNA community.

• Increase their ability to bounce back from a tough time by building coping skills.

• Celebrate life.


DYNA has therefore developed an Honor Code for all Youth Ambassadors. By joining the Youth Ambassadors and adopting the honor code, members pledge to represent themselves, the DYNA organization, and Dysautonomia conditions in a positive and constructive manner.



I PLEDGE to honor the DYNA organization in word, deed and attitude.

I PLEDGE to seek to help others as I help myself.

I PLEDGE to act and speak as positive representative of everyone living with Dysautonomia conditions.

I PLEDGE to uphold my obligations to participate on the DYNA forum.

I PLEDGE to maintain the highest standard of personal conduct.

I PLEDGE to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

I PLEDGE not to take any illegal drugs, or misuse any drugs or alcohol.

I PLEDGE to cultivate emotionally healthy social relationships.

I PLEDGE to maintain high standards of Internet Safety.

I PLEDGE to be aware of negativity and misinformation that can exist on other social websites, groups, and forums and to avoid promoting, participating in, associating with, or adopting such harmful attitudes myself.

I PLEDGE to provide DYNA with only accurate information regarding myself, my identity, and my activities.

I PLEDGE to abide by the policies and guidelines of the Youth Ambassador’s Program that may from time to time be newly adopted by the DYNA administration.

I PLEDGE to abide by and respect the Moderators of the DYNA forum and the leadership of the organization.

I PLEDGE to not speak against other Ambassadors, the organization, the moderators, or the leadership.

I PLEDGE to graciously and respectfully discourage others who may engage in negative gossip because I recognize that this issue alone can jeopardize the integrity on which the organization is established and fosters an eroding effect on the overall health of the entire organization.

I ACCEPT my participation as a DYNA Youth Ambassador as a privilege and not a right.

I UNDERSTAND that the DYNA organization reserves the right to remove a member if in the judgment of the Board of Directors such action is deemed necessary to safeguard standards of behavior, attitude, and safety.

I UNDERSTAND that my signature is my acceptance of the Honor Code in its entirety and completes a contract between me and DYNA, Inc. which is a prerequisite for ongoing enrollment and my continued association.

I UNDERSTAND that as a participant of the DYNA Youth Ambassadors program, I am a representative of Dysautonomia conditions and the DYNA organization and am therefore obligated to present myself, these conditions, and this organization in a positive, healthy, and constructive manner.

All Ambassadors admitted to the program must agree to uphold this Honor Code and the policies of the DYNA organization. These policies are not implemented to be self-serving or controlling in nature, but rather they exist to better serve the members and to ensure that participation is a fulfilling experience.

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